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December 16, 2020
To comprehend the perfect completion of the significance of life?
Expose yourself to a scientific “Five Virtues System”…
👉 Systematic in testing and verification
👉Values in accuracy and practicality
👉Connects and creates interaction between “Human nature” and “Natural disposition of five elements.”
👉Achieves a deeper spiritual analysis
Subject: Online Learning of Five Virtues
The online courses use a scientific and simple learning system in helping oneself to understand, improve, believe, create and dedicate.
Subject: Sample of Genetic Map Report (Basic)
The report is to identify the personality influences and characteristics of an individual’s life by the genetic map of that individual created by the Five Virtues System.
With this system, the individual can comprehend more broadly of his/ her personality tendencies and reaction to his/her family relationships.
Which, in an affective context, with friends, with work colleagues and partners, as well as his ideals and innate potentials of virtue.
Subject: 14 December 2019 Seminar (Introductory Video)
Understand one’s innate nature, family and inter-personal relationship, workplace and corporate through the decryption of moral genetics.
Subject: 21 March 2020 Seminar: Doctrine of Relationship
To delve into the principle of maintaining good interaction involving human nature and emotion through “Moral Genetics.”
The release of emotional power can be appropriately adjusted and transforms sentiments into positive energy.