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It symbolizes resolute personality, and its form does not change, just like a knife, sword or any metallic products. It is sharp, righteous, and has a revolutionary spirit.
Sword of righteousness
Metal Yang is very cold. In pursuing your goals, you persevere in your vision and do not abandon it!
Therefore, the fundamental characteristic of your personality is that of a sword or an axe that acts with decisive blows.

Direct, can hurt others
The Yang Metal person is powerful and direct in action and speaking.
Though you have a lot of clarity about what is true and false, you do not stick to small details of courtesy and can easily hurt those around.

Harm by an impulsive decision
You stand firm for righteousness, but always harm yourself for the decisions and promises made too quickly, without thinking and taking into account the consequences you will have to bear later.

When you speak, you act immediately.
You are never pressured by power, succumbed to obstacles, or have difficulty admitting defeat.
You like to show off your skills and gives importance to reputation.

Focused on vision
One is exceptionally focused on the view of things.
It is very inflexible in contact with people and attached to your principles, without caring about the feelings or the benefit of others, which causes them to move away from you.