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Wood Element


Among the five elements, the only one that has life is Wood. In fact, plants are the food for life as they are the only producers in the food chain. The wood generates life, and life has feeling and love.

Plants present the ecology in its most complete form, establishing the ecosystem of green “life” on Earth. A seed can remain dormant for centuries and yet germinate and rebuild an entire ecosystem, for it holds within itself what science and technology of today have not been able to replace in all of nature: the generation of life.

A person with the primordial spirit of Wood uses his ability to help others. The core of life is focused on manifesting his ability and if he is simultaneously recognized by others.  

VIRTUE: Benevolence 

The virtue of the element Wood is benevolence, for it has within itself an essence of love and a generous attitude before all beings. For example, he has a feeling of empathy towards the suffering of others. The sum of these characteristics is what we call benevolence.   Benevolence is an act which helps others overcome dangers and restore peace. Hence, the virtue of benevolence is to be transformed into righteousness.   Righteousness is needed to adjust the shortcoming of the manifestation of benevolence.  


  • Great heart
  • Needs Wisdom
  • Spontaneous


Breakthrough earth and sprout into Wood Yang and tree.  It is growth, development, the will to strive and symbolizes big tree or pillars.  

•    Towering tree signifies generosity

Wood Yang is a large and generous tree with a straight trunk, firm roots and branches that can shelter nests of various species of animal. It gives shade, its fruits as feed and always strive to nourish and stimulate everyone around it, for it has a heart of goodness that strengthens itself to assume all these responsibilities.

•    Cannot say no

You are soft-hearted and often cannot say no to anyone, and end up leaving you tired and submissive, for you also assumes what others should take.

•    Leadership Potential  

You have a personality that makes you close to others. That is why people accept and believe in you. Wood Yang is like a big tree that can take on great responsibility. In general, you can be a leader because you are enterprising, good in planning, and the necessary concern for others to serve them and be worthy of their trust.

•    Values ​​ethics and may seem stubborn  

You value what has ethics and morality, seeking to accomplish everything that is relative to it. You do not conform to what is unethical, and is often seen by others as too stubborn about your principles. The basic personality of Wood Yang is that of a great tree that brings great authentical love, and which is able to understand the hearts of people. Therefore, your attitude is humble, simple, and does not boost and dislike lies. 



Bending and growing into Wood Yin, which is flower and grass. It is fickle-minded, soft, and has the spirit of tactfulness, and symbolizes flowers, grass, and plants.  

•    You can go far and perform in silence

Wood Yin is small plant that grows and spreads like grass; so, it is able to get far! Because it is a small tree, it likes to perform but prefers to be a supporting role to the main role. Even so, you are able to do it well, being able to articulate and plan everything for others. Such people do not stand for position and do things in silence.

•    Do not shake and do not give up on difficulties

Because of benevolence, the little grass is very patient。It let itself bend through the face of storm. But you persevere and never give up, for you are always ready to develop when new opportunity appears. If something is done wrong, you simply let go and make changes, but never give up until you do it right. Like the person of Wood Yang, the person of Wood Yin also has a soft heart to the point of wounding himself. Hence, you need to realize your plans one by one in order to succeed.

•    Receive care from others

Because it is a small plant, it is cared for by others, as flowers and plants receive care that a large tree like Yang Wood does not receive. On the contrary, it is the tree that cares for others, because it serves as a pillar and anchor for them.

•    Flexible and resistant

Its resistance is due to the fact that it is more flexible, because it is not a tree that falls with the wind. Since it is closer to the earth, it has great energy of life and patience to tolerate. However, too often, it takes in too much care from others, losing its own centre and root. Even so, the perseverance of Wood Yin makes it always grow and develop, projecting new roots and making it stronger. Flexible helps you to help to deviate from obstacles. 

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