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Broader Scope Of Services

Broader Scope Of Services

Session for Family

Quote: “Family is who lives in your inner world when you close your eyes.”

“System of Family Ethics Analysis” can assist you in achieving a cohesive and harmonious family tie by understanding the characteristics of the innate nature of each family member.

Ethical education is the formula for the nurture of the most fundamental nature of the quality of a person’s moral character.

Learn to manifest the potential of your virtues within your family. Get your family or extended family together for a session for family and be overwhelmed that you cannot get to know each other better with such an in-depth analysis.

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Session for Group

Quote: “Awakening the virtue of the Five Elements is a reunion with human nature.”

Interested in a fun and interesting analysis session with people you are comfortable with?

We have sessions for groups with no minimum number of people — the content focus on customizing to the need of the group.

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Quote: “Everyone may have his limitations, but one can offer his potential of virtues to the world.”

Nurture your innate nature and elevate your inborn traits, and naturally, you will gain recognition of your importance by others because of your virtues of ethics.”

“System of Mentality at Workplace Analysis” can help your team to discover and display their potential in an organization, and give full play to their overall strength to achieve a stronger force in development.

Interested in organizing a better team but wanted something more interesting and targeted to the potential of the team member?

Ru Ming @ your Workplace is here to assist you.

Contact us for an arrangement of lecture/workshop at your workplace or video conferencing. We create customized packages to meet your workplace/team needs.

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Teaser for the introduction of the Five Virtues System

How can ancient Chinese philosophy impact our life of today?

Get a teaser to know how a genetic map of morality can give you answers to your past, present, and best of all, the preparation for the future, with the help of a scientific tool for analysis.

You get your group/team/ family ready, and we’ll be there to assist you

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