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Metal Element


Metal is the only one element that can be handled with extreme precision. In nature, there is an incredible diversity of metals with specific characteristics, whose performance makes the contribution of great utility to life.

Besides being strong and firm, the person of Metal is usually a pioneer who opens new paths. You are someone who do not fear to draw your revolutionary sword in the name of justice. However, precisely because of this, it can end up hurting the people around you.

A person with the primordial spirit of Metal uses his justice to discover the value of things, matter, and people  He is good at putting things and people into the right place and in good use. The core of life is on the principles of being clear-cut and be just.    

VIRTUE: Righteousness 

Metal can be shaped to the exact extent, and this shows its greatest virtue: Righteousness. Righteousness cannot be biased and need to be accurate. Everyone has his own definition of righteousness. However, whatever it may be, it cannot be separated from human nature. 


  • Accurate vision 
  • Adhere to many principles 
  • Precise and sharp tool 


Symbolizes resolute personality and its form does not change, just like a knife, sword or any metallic products. It is sharp, righteous, and has revolutionary spirit.  

•    Sword of righteousness 

Metal Yang is very cold. In pursuing your goals, you persevere in your vision and do not abandon it! Therefore, the basic characteristic of your personality is that of a sword or an axe that acts with decisive blows. 

•    Direct, can hurt others 

The Yang Metal person is very strong and direct in action and speaking. Though you have a lot of clarity about what is true and false, you do not stick to small details of courtesy and can easily hurt those around. 

•    Harm by impulsive decision 

You stand strong for righteousness, but always harm yourself for the decisions and promises made too quickly, without thinking and taking into account the consequences you will have to bear later. 

•    Fearless  

When you speak, you act immediately. You are never pressured by power, succumbed to obstacles or have difficulty admitting defeat. You like to show off your skills and gives importance to reputation. 

•    Focused on vision   

Is extremely focused on your own view of things. Is very inflexible in the contact with people and attached to your principles, without caring about the feelings or the benefit of others, which causes them to move away from you. 



Symbolizes metallic material and gold ornament which is elegant, shining, materialistic, and can easily change form.  

•    Precious, patient and accurate in detail 

Metal Yin is strong, courageous and vigilant. Your personality is like that of a precious stone, or of gold, of that which has beauty and has a very firm inner world. You can also be compared to a scalpel or scissors, of tools which are accurate in details. Hence, you act patiently and perform things step by step.

•    Gentle, but long-winded 

You strive for the pursuit of your ideals, but also appreciates the little courtesy. Therefore, you are sensitive, gentle, exquisite and have a skill with words. 

•    Value your effort and judge by what you see 

You do not like to owe favors to others, because you build your work with effort, and the effort of metal is concrete! When you criticize others, it is hardly acceptable, since you like to analyse what is right and wrong. You often decide and promise things without thinking, but because you often have clarity and precision in what you see.  

•    Imagine a lot and sleep very little 

You have a great power to create things in your mind. This ability, when it is well directed, causes you to become a pioneer who likes to progress. But your sensitive and anxious spirit usually generates a lot of fatigue. 

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