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Fire Element


Fire is the most exuberant element among all. It has no essence in itself, but is fundamental to everything. Fire is temperature that allows everything to change. All the metabolism in our body is thanks to the temperature, and even t+he hardest metal surrenders before the fire. Therefore, fire serves all other elements, allowing them to find their utility.

The greatest characteristic of fire is its expansion, its manifestation is the ability to concentrate the attention of those who see it. Hence, the person of the Fire element draws attention and radiates his light without exertion, aiding, and transforming everything around him. 

A person with the primordial spirit of Fire uses his passion and action to lead the world. The core of life is focused on illuminating and radiating, and bringing light to others. (However, need to control the overly passionate emotion.)  

VIRTUE: Respect

Fire brings people together because it welcomes them and snuggles them with its warmth. However, it can burn them if the required distance is not observed. So, fire knows how to command respect, and this is its great virtue. 


  • Sincerity 
  • Draws attention with its light
  • Optimistic and generous


Symbolizes the sun or fiery fire which is passionate, forthright, and with a strong will.  

•    Radiant sun 

Fire Yang is radiant and a full sun which shines with all its brilliance. The sun nourishes all beings, welcoming them in a loving and courteous way. And there is no one who does not surrender to this warmth! 

•    Externally bright, internally empty  

Yang Fire is optimistic, and is always smiling. But when you see a person who laughs a lot, it is not necessary that he feels happy. Externally, there is plenty of light, however, internally, there is shade. You are like an actor who can express everything, but not what you truly is in your inner world. Your brilliance becomes a charisma that attracts many people, so it is ideal to be the main role of a stage. However, after the lights go out, you may feel alone, because your friends are few.

•    Quite agile, but also explosive and forgetful.  

You are very fast in doing things, however, with much energy used. Often you do not know how to express yourself well. Hence, you explode easily, especially when you heard criticism about you. However, after the explosion, the fire goes out as easily as it has been lit. A Fire Yang person has no grief and memory, so you can easily forget the details that seem insignificant to you. 

•    Expands but has no discernment 

Your care and consideration extend to all, for fire knows how to expand. However, you find it difficult to focus when needed. Thus, your greatest defect is the lack of wisdom to discern what is good or bad from what you hear from others. 



Symbolizes torch, flame and a fire which is reserved in comparison to the sun. It signifies warmth, affection, and the spirit of coordination.   

•    Candle fire, represents civilization 

Yin Fire is a gathering and concentrating flame, whose heat warming from inside out and can maintain itself, precisely because it knows how to concentrate and illuminate the environment. Your courtesy and respect allow you to know how to care for both the elderly and the young ones. Therefore, it is fire that represents civilization, respect and light. 

•    Good memory and vision of the whole, intuitive and anxious 

You have an incredible memory that keeps details and sees what other people do not usually see. Your sensitivity is able to interpret the hearts of people right away. Therefore, although you seem to have great stability, your anxiety may end up hurting others, which can generate many enmities. 

•    Does not express well of your true self 

You have great potential for analysing everything and everyone in front of you besides yourself. In this area, you do not know how to express your feelings, and often habour envy and complaints about people. 

•    Has mood swings  

When you feel angry, you change your feeling from one moment to another and become stranger to your good friend the next day. So, not only do you select memories, but also people, being good with ones you like, and ignoring those you dislike.

•    Perfectionist, needs time 

You have the personality of a perfectionist artist. As Fire burns gradually, when given more opportunities, it will expand and then heats up. However, it takes a little more patience to let it develop. 

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