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Earth Element


The earth sustains all things and is therefore stable and tolerant. You like to take care of people and adapts easily, accepting all kinds of difficulties. Like the great Mother Earth, you act in silence, embraces everything and everyone.

Simple and trustworthy, you’re like the soil which causes the seed to germinate after being planted in it. You honour commitments, like to keep your words and dislike those who do not.
A person with the primordial spirit of Earth uses his achievement and education to transform and enrich others around him.

The core of life is focused on making choices on the things he can accept and tolerate. Hence, achievements are accumulated due to his pursuit. (However, he accepts only things or matter which he is familiar and agrees with.)  

VIRTUE: Trustworthiness 

The sincerity of Earth makes it worthy of the trust of any farmer. The seed that is sown is exactly the fruit that will be harvested, and this makes the Earth a great example worthy of everyone's trust. Therefore, Earth has the great virtue of Trustworthiness. 


  • Stable and reliable 
  • Methodical and conservative 
  • Sincere and keep to his word 


Symbolizes mountain, rock and land which are unchanging, firm, and with a dignified will.

•    High mountain 

Earth Yang is as high as a mountain near the sun and so is very warm. Although it seems quite stable, it is anxious. You like the security of what you already know, and so it is not so easy to dig your "ores”, talents and treasures that are hidden within. 

•    Hardworking and reliable, always criticizes 

You always keep your words and can be worthy of the trust of others, since you always act in a responsible way. However, although hardworking, you frequently criticize others. Perhaps because you are very direct and sincere in what you feel and speak. You can work for hours, but the moment you rest, others assumed you to be lazy. 

•    Needs recognition 

You need compliments although you tolerate criticisms from others. When recognition is not received, you end up deciding to be the boss yourself, and can play this role very well. Thanks to your continuous effort, your career can be constructed in every step. 

•    It embraces the work of others, but it becomes demanding 

Fulfilling your word, you do not like to deceive or manipulate people, but expect them to do the same, demanding others on what they would do. Persistent, does not like changes and does things in a dedicated way, from beginning to end.



Symbolizes accepting, cultured, subtle spirit and the field and soil. 

•    Flexible, but with a more complicated inner world 

Although bound to one’s opinion, Earth Yin is much more easily influenced and flexible than Earth Yang. It is a land more humid that a farmer is able to handle. Often, it can even be moulded like clay, performing many functions and serving many people. It has many nutrients and therefore allows it to grow different types of vegetables. Such people are very stable and know how to take care of the family, but their inner world is more complex. 

•    It looks serene, however suppresses turmoil 

You know how to solve problems and have an easy way of dealing with people, valuing a straightforward and tolerant character. You may seem very quiet, but deep inside with turmoil which is never noticed. 

•    Surrounded by friends 

Friends are always very abundant around you. You have friendships of all kinds because you can get along with everyone. You like to volunteer and have no fear for danger or difficulty, because you know you will always be supported by someone. 

•    Perfectionist, needs time 

Is hardworking and dedicated, but when recognition is not received, you feel insecure. In face of criticism, you revolt and complain. Your stubbornness makes you persist even in what you already know to be wrong. You need to be recognized to build up courage and not only accept the reality. 

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