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THE FIVE ELEMENTS constitute the five kinds of materialized elements derived from the energies of the myriad livings existing in heaven and earth. Western philosophers interpreted Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water as the “Five Elements (five kinds of element),” which represent the condition and nature of things.

The theory of five elements explains the relation between man and things in nature and the absolute connection between them. It is this connection which impels the continuous development and changes in all things.

However, these five kinds of element have the implication which is far beyond concrete material; they contain an even more comprehensive and profound meaning and philosophical ground.

THIS SYSTEM translates the five elements into five virtues and five emotions. It gives a more straightforward analysis of the status of one’s primordial nature and formative disposition, with the hope to interpret the various factors of the content of one’s character and psychological behavior.

Hence, this is a set of guiding tools for self-awareness and self-education.

From the legacy of ancient Eastern wisdom, we have established a practical and straightforward system.
The mechanism of creation in nature contributed to one’s experiences and inspirations. By applying and practicing what is acquired, one created the quality of life and the civilization of the quality of ethics.


May 31, 2017


WATER uses love and his natural gift to feel the feeling of others, and with superior mental talent, diligence, and emotional touch.
December 16, 2020


WOOD uses his ability to help others. Manifesting his talent is the core of life if others simultaneously recognize him.
December 16, 2020


FIRE uses his passion and action to lead the world. Illumination and radiation is the core of life, bringing light to others.
December 16, 2020


EARTH uses his achievement and education to transform and enrich others around him.
December 16, 2020


METAL uses his justice to discover the value of things, matter, and people.
January 22, 2021


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