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May 31, 2017
December 16, 2020

Among the five elements, the only one that has life is Wood.
Plants are the food for survival, as they are the only producers in the food chain.
The wood generates life, and life has feelings and love.
Plants present the ecology in its most complete form, establishing the ecosystem of green “life” on Earth.

A seed can remain dormant for centuries and yet germinate and rebuild an entire ecosystem, for it holds within itself what science and technology of today have not been able to replace in all of nature: the generation of life.

A person with the primordial spirit of Wood uses his ability to help others. Manifesting his talent is the core of life if others simultaneously recognize him.

VIRTUE: Benevolence

The virtue of the element Wood is benevolence.
It has within itself an essence of love and a generous attitude before all beings.
For example, he has a feeling of empathy for the suffering of others. The sum of these characteristics is what we call benevolence.

Benevolence is an act that helps others overcome dangers and restore peace.
Hence, the virtue of benevolence is to transform into righteousness.

Righteousness is needed to adjust the shortcoming of the manifestation of benevolence.


• Great heart
• Needs Wisdom
• Spontaneous