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Bending and growing into Wood Yin, which is flower and grass. It is fickle-minded, soft, and has the spirit of tactfulness, and symbolizes flowers, green, and plants.
You can go far and perform in silence
Wood Yin is a small plant that grows and spreads like grass; so, it can get far!
Because it is a small tree, it likes to perform but prefers to be a supporting role to the leading role.
Even so, you can do it well, being able to articulate and plan everything for others.
Such people do not stand for the position and do things in silence.

Do not shake and do not give up on difficulties
Because of benevolence, the little grass is very patient. It lets itself bend through the face of a storm.
But you persevere and never give up, for you are always ready to develop when a new opportunity appears.
If something is wrong, you let go and make changes, but never give up until you do it right.
Like the person of Wood Yang, the person of Wood Yin also has a soft heart to the point of wounding himself.
Hence, you need to realize your plans one by one to succeed.

Receive care from others
Because it is a small plant, it is cared for by others, as flowers and plants receive care that a large tree like Yang Wood does not accept.
On the contrary, it is the tree that cares for others, because it serves as a pillar and anchor for them.

Flexible and resistant
Its resistance is since it is more flexible because it is not a tree that falls with the wind.
Since it is closer to the earth, it has a high energy of life and patience to tolerate.
However, too often, it takes in too much care from others, losing its centre and root.
Even so, the perseverance of Wood Yin makes it always grow and develop, projecting new roots (sources) and making it stronger.
Flexibility helps you to deviate from obstacles.