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Breakthrough earth and sprout into Wood Yang and tree.
It is growth, development, the will to strive and symbolizes big trees or pillars.
Towering tree signifies generosity
Wood Yang is a large and generous tree with a straight trunk, firm roots, and branches that can shelter nests of various species of animals.
It gives shade, its fruits as feed, and always strive to nourish and stimulate everyone around it, for it has a heart of goodness that strengthens itself to assume all these responsibilities.

Cannot say no
You are soft-hearted and often cannot say no to anyone and end up leaving you tired and submissive, for you also assume what others should take.

Leadership Potential
You have a personality that makes you close to others. That is why people accept and believe in you.
Wood Yang is like a big tree that can take on significant responsibility.
In general, you can be a leader because you are enterprising, apt in planning, and the needed concern for others to serve them and be worthy of their trust.

Values ethics and may seem stubborn
You value what has ethics and morality, seeking to accomplish everything relative to it.
You do not conform to what is unethical and is often seen by others as too stubborn about your principles.
The primary personality of Wood Yang is that of a great tree that brings great authentical love, and which can understand the hearts of people.
Therefore, your attitude is humble, simple, and does not boost and dislike lies.