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December 16, 2020

The indispensable element in life is Water, which constitutes 70% of the human.
Versatile and useful, it fits the shape of any container and environment.
Water is related to the basis of all things, for the whole life of this planet has formed within it, in the oceans of millions and millions of years ago.

Serene and humble, you hide within yourself an incredible potential of transformation that moves and circulates everything wherever you go.
Wise as water accepts everything and purifies everything, recognizing and straying from danger.
Thus, the person of Water is one who knows how to deal with situations and with people because your wisdom never allows you to give up finding new paths, opportunities, and methods.

A person with the primordial spirit of Water uses love and his natural gift to feel the feeling of others, and with superior mental talent, diligence, and emotional touch.
You use a sensitive touch to respond to delicate touch.
The core of life is focused on your instinct to discern right from wrong which needs no reasoning.

VIRTUE: Wisdom

The great virtue of Water is wisdom.
Water in balance is flexible and does not stick to form, as it knows how to adapt. It is also capable of changing its physical state, transforming itself and overcoming all kinds of obstacles.

Hence, water can cross a whole desert, because it knows how to evaporate and become a cloud that travels through the desert to the other side, without anything stopping it.


• Humble and pure
• Like learning and deviate from obstacles
• Intelligence can cause you to be cunning