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It symbolizes dews and raindrops that are romantic, weak and conservative.
Rainwater, which nourishes slowly
It is river water and dew. The person of Water Yin usually respects and follows the guideline of society.
Deep down, you are keen to detail. You can serve others because of your detailed observation and care.
You are like rainwater, which can nourish all things in the world.

Smart and conservative
With introspective personality, the person of Water Yin can appear to be very serene, like a river that hides its rapids and depth internally.
You know how to retreat and usually have a more conservative attitude, adhering rules while dealing with people.
You like cleanliness, and you are economical.
Being intelligent, you act step by step and know how to deal well with people and situations.

Romantic and suspicious
Your great fragility is your feelings because you like romance and is very passionate.
Your sensitivity can bring you many disturbances.
Although you seem cold and rational, being a perfectionist, you have a warm inner world of deep subjectivity.
You tend to think and worries too much hence making you nervous.
So often, you can only rely on yourself to act and end up being harmed by your intelligence.

Overcome obstacles, but worries about details
Your destiny is to flow like a river whose bed is full of curves, many of them painful and suffering, but you manage to transcend them because of your patience.
One shortcoming is that the Water Yin person cares too much for petty details, and this gives him a lot of sadness and depression.
However, the good news is that you are healthy and have a lot of patience.