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It symbolizes ocean and sea, and is talented, wilful and has free-will.
Seawater that encompasses and tolerates
Yang water is a vast ocean that is wise, rational and responsible.
You are sociable and know the right moment to act, the danger to avoid, and hence are less likely to make mistakes.
The sea may have moments of calm, but also waves of rages and impulse.
Therefore, the Yang Water person tends to be unstable despite being courageous and not recognizing defeat.

Smart and free
You enjoy great achievements from your intelligence and diligence.
When the water rises too fast, it ends up being harmed by its intelligence.
So, you can win very fast and lose very fast as well, because you have difficulty listening and accepting the opinion and advice of others.
What you dislike is the feeling of being limited or controlled by anyone, because your motto is freedom.

Decisive but can act too fast like waves
Your clarity about things and being decisive gave you great potential in your career and many opportunities for success.
However, it can end up spoiling everything because it acts too fast without thinking.

Know how to maintain good relationships
When you get angry, you create a tidal wave that calms down immediately without a trace.
Hence, you know how to have good relationships with people without hurting them.
Water formed the ocean and crossed many paths, and therefore, the Yang Water person's life also undergoes many changes, causing him to cultivate good relationships and develop high adaptability to the environment.