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December 16, 2020
January 22, 2021

Metal is the only element that can handle extreme precision.
In nature, there is an incredible diversity of minerals with specific characteristics, whose performance makes the contribution of great utility to life.

Besides being durable and firm, the person of Metal is usually a pioneer who opens new paths.
You are someone who does not fear to draw your revolutionary sword in the name of justice.
However, precisely because of this, it can end up hurting the people around you.

A person with the primordial spirit of Metal uses his justice to discover the value of things, matter, and people.
He is good at putting things and people into the right place and in good use.
The core of life is on the principles of being clear-cut and just.

VIRTUE: Righteousness

Metal can be shaped to the exact extent, and this shows its greatest virtue: Righteousness.
Righteousness cannot be biased and need to be accurate.
Everyone has his definition of righteousness.

However, whatever it may be, it cannot be separated from human nature.


• Accurate vision
• Adhere to many principles
• A precise and sharp tool