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December 16, 2020
December 16, 2020

Fire is the most abundant element among all.
It has no essence in itself but is fundamental to everything.
Fire is a temperature that allows everything to change.
All the metabolism in our body is thanks to the heat, and even the hardest metal surrenders before the fire.
Therefore, fire serves all other elements, allowing them to find their utility.

The most significant characteristic of fire is its expansion; its manifestation is the ability to concentrate the attention of those who see it.
Hence, the person of the Fire element draws attention and radiates his light without exertion, aiding, and transforming everything around him.

A person with the primordial spirit of Fire uses his passion and action to lead the world.
Illumination and radiation is the core of life, bringing light to others.
(However, need to control the overly passionate emotion.)

VIRTUE: Respect

Fire brings people together because it welcomes them and snuggles them with its warmth.
However, people may get burnt if the required distance is not maintained.

So, fire knows how to command respect, and this is its great virtue.


• Sincerity
• Draws attention with its light
• Optimistic and generous