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It symbolizes torch, flame, and a fire reserved in comparison to the sun. It signifies warmth, affection, and the spirit of coordination.
Candle fire represents civilization
Yin Fire is a gathering and concentrating flame, whose heat warming from inside out and can maintain itself, precisely because it knows how to focus and illuminate the environment.
Your courtesy and respect allow you to understand how to care for both the elderly and the young ones.
Therefore, it is the fire that represents civilization, respect, and light.

Excellent memory and vision of the whole, intuitive and anxious
You have an incredible mind that keeps details and sees what other people do not usually see.
Your sensitivity can interpret the hearts of people right away.
Therefore, although you seem to have excellent stability, your anxiety may end up hurting others, which can generate many enmities.

Does not express well of your true self
You have great potential for analyzing everything and everyone in front of you beside yourself.
In this area, you do not know how to express your feelings, and often habour envy and complaints about people.

Has mood swings
When you feel angry, you change your feeling from one moment to another and become stranger to your good friend the next day.
So, not only do you select memories but also people, being good with ones you like and ignoring those you dislike.

Perfectionist and one who needs time
You have the personality of a perfectionist artist.
As Fire burns gradually, when given more opportunities, it will expand and then heats up.
However, it takes a little more patience to let it develop.