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Symbolizes the sun or blazing fire, which is passionate, forthright, and with a strong will.
Radiant sun
Fire Yang is a luminous and full sun that shines with all its brilliance.
The sun nourishes all beings, welcoming them lovingly and courteously.
And no one does not surrender to this warmth!

Externally bright, internally empty
Yang Fire is optimistic and is always smiling.
But when you see a person who laughs a lot, it is not necessary that he feels happy.
Externally, there is plenty of light; however, internally, there is shade.
You are like an actor who can express everything, but not what you indeed are in your inner world.
Your brilliance becomes a charisma that attracts many people, so it is ideal to be the leading role of a stage.
However, after the lights go out, you may feel alone, because your friends are few.

Quite agile, but also explosive and forgetful.
You are very fast at doing things, however, with much energy used.
Often you do not know how to express yourself well.
Hence, you explode quickly, especially when you heard criticism about you.
However, the fire goes out as soon as it is lit after the explosion.
A Fire Yang person has no grief and memory, so you can easily forget the details that seem insignificant to you.

Expands but has no discernment
Your care and consideration extend to all, for fire knows how to grow.
However, you find it difficult to focus when needed.
Thus, your most significant defect is the lack of wisdom to discern what is good or bad from what you hear from others.