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It symbolizes accepting, cultured, subtle spirit,and the field and soil.
Flexible, but with a more complicated inner world
Although bound to one’s opinion, Earth Yin is much more easily influenced and flexible than Earth Yang.
It is a land more humid that a farmer can handle.
Often, it can even be moulded like clay, performing many functions and serving many people.
It has many nutrients and therefore allows it to grow different types of vegetables.
Such people are very stable and know how to take care of the family, but their inner world is more complicated.

It looks serene, however, suppresses turmoil
You know how to solve problems, and have an easy way of dealing with people, valuing a straightforward and tolerant character.
You may seem very quiet, but a turmoil deep inside is not noticed.

Surrounded by friends
Friends are always very abundant around you.
You have friendships of all kinds because you can get along with everyone.
You like to volunteer and have no fear of danger or difficulty because you know someone will always support you.

Without recognition, becomes insecure
It is hardworking and dedicated, but when recognition is not received, you feel anxious.
In the face of criticism, you revolt and complain.
Your stubbornness makes you persist even in what you already know to be wrong.
You need to be recognized to build up courage and not only accept reality.