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It symbolizes mountain, rock, and land, which are unchanging, firm, and with a dignified will.
High mountain
Earth Yang is as high as a mountain near the sun, and so it is warm.
Although it seems quite stable, it is anxious.
You like the security of what you already know, and so it is not so easy to dig your "ores,” talents, and treasures hidden within.

Hardworking and reliable, always criticizes
You always keep your words and can be worthy of the trust of others, since you always act responsibly.
However, although hardworking, you frequently criticize others.
Perhaps because you are very direct and sincere in what you feel and speak.
You can work for hours, but the moment you rest, others assumed you to be lazy.

Needs recognition
You need compliments, although you tolerate criticisms from others.
When an acknowledgment is not received, you end up deciding to be the boss yourself and can play this role very well.
Thanks to your continuous effort, your career can be constructed in every step.

It embraces the work of others, but it becomes demanding
Fulfilling your word, you do not like to deceive or manipulate people, but expect them to do the same, demanding others on what they would do.
Persistent does not like changes and does things in a dedicated way, from beginning to end.