Wisdom, benevolence and Courage

Posted On August 18, 2016

Wisdom is the illumination of conscience which contains a discerning ability 
If one is lacking in the source of wisdom, the comprehension of matters cannot be learned.
If one does not consider wisdom as the guiding lamp, mistakes can be easily made amidst the mist of telling black from white, right from wrong, bend from straight, and be lost in the midst of good and evil.  

Benevolence is the virtue of conscience which contains the ability of loving-kindness 
If one is lacking in benevolence, the sentiment of emotions and moral value cannot be developed. 
If the virtue of love is lost in human nature, the power of all beliefs can never be progressed.
If a human being does not extend love, then the five cardinal ethical relationships and eight virtues, and the great love of sages and saints cannot be manifested.   

Courage is the righteous act of conscience which contains the ability of righteousness
If one is without the righteous act of courage, no breadth of spirit will be present to execute the mission of righteousness.
The strength of courage is able to transcend fear and the psychological barriers from difficulties. It is, even more, a necessary fearless spirit to overcome extreme difficulties.