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Connect and create interaction between “Human nature” and “Natural disposition of five elements.”

Focus on self-education to inspire and initiate one’s conscience to action. To fully promote and develop one's “Quality of moral character” and “The element of virtues”.

Introductory of Our System

“Five Virtues System”
Based on the systematic testing and verification of the “Mechanism of the biology of the natural disposition of five elements.”
It seeks value in accuracy and practicality to remove the theoretical ambiguity and to connect and create interaction between “Human nature” and “Natural disposition of five elements.”
These aim to achieve a more in-depth spiritual analysis and a complete and perfect value by grasping the meaning of life.
System of Self Interpretation
Assist one in gaining a more in-depth and precise understanding of the potential, primordial and acquired moral characters to better improve oneself.

TRUE COURAGE IS to face up to your errors without fear and still want to transform yourself for the benefit of the world.

System of Family Ethics
Assist one in achieving a cohesive and harmonious family tie by understanding the characteristics of the innate nature of each family member.

ETHICAL EDUCATION IS the formula for the nurture of the most fundamental nature of the quality of a person’s moral character.

System of Mentality at Workplace

Assist one's team to discover and display their potential in the organization, and give full play to their overall strength to achieve a stronger force in development.

NURTURE THE INNATE and elevate the born traits, and others will naturally recognize one.
Thus, importance will be attached to his virtues of ethics.

System of Analysis of One's Nature
Understand one's genes of moral character and stimulate the ethics element in human nature.

ONE'S VALUE IS whether he can exert his potential to the fullest and glows; it is the display of his moral character and life’s worth.

System of Education for Character
The nurture of virtues is the essential educational foundation in this present time, because it is a precedent subject of study of conscience in human nature.

EDUCATION IS to inspire one’s conscience and innate ability in human nature. Thus, to achieve the state of perfection, which requires no addition to one’s inherent nature.


Origin and Cause of developing the “Five Virtues System” in decoding the genes of moral character

1. In 1997, by following the footsteps of my senior, I flew across the globe and set foot on Sao Paulo city of Brazil, in South America.

The unfamiliar culture and language barrier in that society let me with the first impression: the passion and goodwill of the ethnic groups of South America. The second impression, which was unforgettable, was the intense taste of Brazilian pizza and cheese. The third impression was that Brazil being a Catholic society for more than 500 years, she was able to embrace other religious groups, to accept the structure of other ethnic groups and be in good ties with them.

Only after being concretely interacted, I gained a deeper experience of the diversify sentiments of the ethnic groups of South Americans. An in-depth awareness of the real situation and true sentiments of people on a different social level was comprehended.

To communicate because of unfamiliarity.
To interact because of familiarity.
To cherish because of wondrous affinity.

In more than 20 years, I’ve strived forth to my ambition by holding firm to the concept of Confucianism: “Gather talents from all over the world to be educated, to realize the harmony of the world.”