Brief Introduction of Five Virtues

Tao, the subtle essence of universe…

(1) Is the origin and body of nature from the perspective of the phenomena displayed in the grand universe.

(2) Is the rule and theorem of truth from the perspective of things and matter taken place within heaven and earth.

(3) Is the virtues and act of goodness of conscience from the perspective of behaviour and way of life expressed from human nature.


(1) The pure original state of humanity is the authenticity of kind nature in human

(2) The simple behavior in life is the natural act of kindness in human

(3) The moral element of ethics is the common goodness in human

Tao: In the aspect of nature, it is the absolute goodness of reasoning—the original substance in human nature.

Virtues: In the aspect of function, it is the manifestation of goodness and beauty—the original behaviour of human nature.

Originally, human nature is equipped with the four principles (namely benevolence, righteousness, propriety, and wisdom), all goodness (virtues) and the traits of ethics and the virtues of goodness and beauty.

However, when a person is born, the traits of nature mentioned above are restricted by the nature of five elements, thus blinding him with material desires. When the authenticity of nature deviates for a period of time, one’s habit becomes further apart from his innate nature, and this results in the loss of shine in his innate nature pertaining to ethics.

The influences of five elements in a person’s temperament…

Nature of Metal

Neutralize: Resolute and determined

Extreme: Autocratic and void of human warmth

Nature of Water

Neutralize: Calm and intelligent

Extreme: Treacherous and full of tricks

Nature of Wood

Neutralize: Generous and compassionate

Extreme: Filled with hatred and jealousy

Nature of Earth

Neutralize: Magnanimous

Extreme: Shameless and without integrity

Nature of Fire

Neutralize: Passionate and ready to stand up for justice

Extreme: Stubborn and hot-tempered

An ancient saying: Men at their birth are naturally good. Their nature is the same but differs in their habits. If without education, their nature will deteriorate.

The education of ethics is the most unvalued subject in the present utilitarian society. Those who have the awareness of this situation before others should promptly restore the unchanged primordial nature in human nature. This can be done through the development of a set of educational system and quality education for beginners which are effective, practical and easy. Hence, this is a system which helps everyone in self-education and for every family to study.