Brief Introduction of Five Virtues

Tao, the subtle essence of universe…

(1) Is the origin and body of nature from the perspective of the phenomena displayed in the grand universe.

(2) Is the rule and theorem of truth from the perspective of things and matter taken place within heaven and earth.

(3) Is the virtues and act of goodness of conscience from the perspective of behaviour and way of life expressed from human nature.


(1) Is the pure original state of human nature;

the authenticity of goodness in human.

(2) Is the simple behaviour in life;

the natural act of kindness in human.

(3) The ethics in the element of virtues;

the common kindness in human.

The potential of humanity is equally equipped and complete, whereas the creation of temperament differs in terms of hereditary and intrinsic nature.

Though the natural talent is sufficient, it also requires the proper guidance to the enlightenment of ignorance.

If qualification is insufficient, it can be strengthened through cultivation.