Moral Character: Construction of life

Life’s creation is much more than assuming and fulfilling one’s duty, it is to motivate collective consciousness and the vision of collective survival, as well as benefits and glory.

Thus, believe that through a systematic education based on human nature can awaken the universal value of moral character and virtues.

Regardless of belief, culture, race or era, everyone will seek the advantageous values of human relationships and the environment they live in. However, the harmony presented does not always fall into the expectation of all.


Therefore, the building of moral character is an arduous process,

in which we seek to use the spirit and wisdom of self-education and collective learning to strive towards the highest ideal of oneself and that of the world.

The trend of today is life-long learning and self-education, otherwise,

one cannot be connected to and move parallel with the world’s advancement and development.

The core issue faced by the societal system is not about the imperfection of the system, but the defects of people’s character and the societal moral quality.

Hence, the nurture of virtues is the most important educational foundation in this present time, because it is a precedent subject of study of conscience in human nature.

Only by the inspiration and education of the ethics can the deficiency in the collective life body be complemented.

“The System of Five Virtues Ethics” is a tool developed through the study of the elements of the five virtues of human nature.

It is a more direct and faster way which helps to analyze the genes of moral character. With this system, a teaching and training course is constructed to complement what is lacking in the inborn traits of each individual.