Five virtues: Interpretation of your genes of character


Understand your character of genes and stimulate the ethics element in human nature.

Supposedly there is a lacking of inspiration and tuning, how many of us can truly recognize our ability in being true, beautiful and good?

The genes of every individual are like a seed that has to be understood well of its genes before it is planted.

Similarly, if you are unclear of your genes of moral character, prediction of your destiny cannot be made.

The genes of moral character are under the influences of the yin and yang energy of nature, which is the energy of creation in the phenomena of five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

All materials are related to these five elements, and the same goes for the living species and human which are inseparable to the combination of these elements.

When the energy of five elements are transferred onto human beings, they are the innate nature and naturally-born character as mentioned by the ancient beings, which are also the positive energy of five virtues namely benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trust.

The existence of all myriad things originates from the big bang, where invisible elements come into action in the big magnetic field and thus give birth to the phenomena of lives.

Mankind has evolved into the prime of all living today because they have in them these primitive intrinsic elements.

Through a systematic analysis and nurture according to one’s talent, the element of five virtues in the human nature will gradually elevate the traits of moral character consisting of the quality of virtues and goodness.