Family: Refuge and nest

Family relationship is perhaps the biggest challenge to human because family is a complex web of feeling that is not easy to be understood. Often, the greatest tragedy happens in the friction in a family, since the family relationship is frequently the breeding ground for vengeance, love and hatred for generations.

In fact, people of today often isolate themselves in fear of being hurt. May it be an isolation or independence, it is a reflection of a person who does not know himself or others well.

Hence, a family is no longer a refuge or nest of happiness.

However, the warmth and harmony of a family constitute the greatest joy and happiness for people, and it all depends on the self-awareness, self-education and the effort put in for collective cultivation in a family.

An ancient saying: Correct one’s mind and be in cultivation, and the family will gain harmony when cultivation is done.

Everything begins from one’s self-reflection, correcting of oneself and world peace will prevail.