A person’s life, regardless of age or the level of life he is at, is inseparable from the need to establish the ideal of life and system of value on the basis of good interpersonal relationships.


If a person can fully understand the essence and traits of his nature, the manifestation of his external form, and at the same time know the people, things and situation in the surroundings and establish a harmonious and smooth exchange cum complementary, he will be better to create a better, beautiful life and contributions of being.

Our Objective

  • Completion of the era’s value in life and the vision of mission.
  • To inspire the Three Accomplishing Virtues in human nature which can complete the cardinal rules of morality, so as to match the creation of the universe.


To be fond of learning does not equate having wisdom,

but learning gives comprehension.

Hence, continual fondness in learning sees to the acquirement of knowledge.


To practice with effort does not equate having benevolence,

but practice empowers one’s ambition.

Hence, relentless practice with effort sees the forming of benevolence.


To have the sense of shame does not equate having courage,

but the sense of shame urges improvement.

Hence, by not being discouraged with the sense of shame sees the building of courage.

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The sayings of famous or highly cultured people that focus on establishing the right outlook of the world, view of life and the cultivation of noble ethical value…


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